harc is the Hertfordshire branch of the

harc is the Hertfordshire branch of the

National Autistic Society

harc is the Hertfordshire branch of the National Autistic Society (NAS). We are volunteers who provide support to individuals and their families and campaign for better local services for those living with autism in Hertfordshire.  We do this because we want the potential of all people with autism to be fulfilled and recognised, and for individuals and families to receive the support and understanding they need.

We have more than 450 member families and offer support to people of all ages. Knowing that autism impacts on the lives of all family members, when campaigning we are advancing the rights of an estimated forty thousand local people whose lives are affected by living with autism.

Our work falls into three key areas:


  • Providing workshops on various topics associated with autism
  • Organising support group meetings with speakers of interest
  • Running a telephone helpline answered by volunteers with personal experience of autism
  • Establishing specialist support groups and networks not covered by other local organisations


  • Producing quarterly newsletters and sending out regular email alerts to over 600 families and professionals
  • Providing advice to professionals such as teachers, doctors, educational advisers and employment advisers
  • Working with local public bodies and organisations to improve knowledge and awareness of the needs of children, young people and adults on the spectrum


  • campaigning for improved services on behalf of people with autism and their families in Hertfordshire